Monday, August 6, 2012

2012: A Spaceship Table Odyssey

Say hello to the newest table of the house....affectionately known as the "spaceship" table. With the double-decker octagon shapes and the long spindly legs, even Han Solo would be envious!

 I found this table at a thrift store in Cape Girardeau, MO. It was hiding in a basement corner, a basement they were trying to clear out, so I was happy to take it off their hands. The top surface was pretty beat up and the veneer was very thin, so this bucket of bolts was a good candidate for a tune up.

I painted it white, using the left over paint from the office re-do project, and used a metallic spray paint to paint the drawer pull, the metal legs, and the tips of the wooden legs. Looks like new again!!

Soon, this table is going to find it's new home as a bedside table in the master bedroom...but we've got some painting and furniture rearranging to do in that room first....on the August 2012 project list. For now, this is ground control to Major've really made the grade!


Friday, June 15, 2012

Office Redo: Corner Shelves UP-date

The shelves are UP, and have been working for months now...and I am very happy to say that they have not fallen down!!! Yea!!!

I must admit that this project was quite the undertaking for two novice DIY wood workers. It would not have been possible without the help of Red. Thanks!!! (read about the beginning of the project here and about the construction of the shelves here)

What the office looked like before...Livi thought she was getting a treat for going in her house :-)

My sketch of what I/we decided would be the best design and function for our space and needs

The After!

Of course our office does not look this clean at all times. This picture was taken right after I finished painting the bulletin board- the office is well used at this point and looks much more natural (in use) now : )

I need to make some cord covers to make the electronic cords look a little nicer. And I still have not figured out what to do with the dog house/palace (hiding not so subtly in the corner). Any ideas?


Tuesday, June 12, 2012

All things go...with Indigo

Wow, it has once again been a long time since I updated the blog. The good news is that I actually have been very busy working on all sorts of fun projects around the house, so I have much to share!

The first thing I want to share is this set of 4 dining chairs I helped a friend reupholster. These chairs are family heirlooms, passed down from her grandmother. The new pattern was striking and the color indigo made the design on the fabric really pop!

the after...wonderful indigo colored print

I forgot to take pictures of the before. As you can imagine, the fabric was worn and outdated, and the cushions had nearly disintegrated to nothing! We replaced the cushions with new 1" thick, medium density seat foam, wrapped the cushions in a new1/2  layer of Dacron, then covered with Waverly Parterre Porcelain Fabric.

Removing the old fabric....the best "before" picture that shows the old fabric.

Much more comfy to sit on now!!

I adore the shape of these cute chairs. The curve of the back is so lady-like and refined, and the new fabric brings them up to date in a modern graphic print with a nod to a classic pattern from colonial times. I know they will love their new home in Chicago!!


Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Radiant Recliner

It's another recliner! This one was actually brand-new, just off of the show room floor...nothing wrong with it at all, except the fabric was totally wrong for the owner. That's where I come in to play.

This chair is the Chloe Hi-Leg Recliner by Lane Furniture. It's a compact, stationary chair that does not look like your typical recliner. G.E's chair required 7 yards of 54" wide fabric to re-upholster. She chose a black, diamond patterned fabric with red and gold accents. The fabric is called Arden, Black.

Head, shoulders, knees and toes...knees and toes!
A word to the wise: to get started with a re-upholstery project, make sure to take lots of pictures, measure and label every piece of original fabric. Once everything is measured and labeled, begin taking out those staples, starting at the bottom. As you remove the fabric, make sure to save it. You will use it as a pattern to trace onto the new material in order to keep the pattern exactly the same. Since this chair was brand-new, I did not need to replace any of the stuffing or cushioning (Oh yeah!) This was BY FAR the cleanest chair I've ever taken apart!

Chair frame (arms and center support) separated
from chair center (seat/back).

Chair center (seat/back)
This part was pretty cool. If you're wondering how to tackle a recliner, the chair's seat, back, and reclining mechanisms can usually be detached and upholstered separately. For this chair, the seat, back and foot rest with the reclining mechanism came out as one unit. I didn't even have to detach the seat and seat back to do the re-upholstering. I did have to detach the foot rest, though. However, all of this made for a much easier reassembly. Be sure to save the screws & nuts for reassembly!


Recliner is starting to look more radiant, don't you think?! Finished chair center.

I got busy re-upholstering and forgot to take more pictures of the process...but here are some shots of the finished version. Put out the red carpet! 

Yes, this chair is a star in the making! Thank you G.E. for the opportunity to give your new recliner a make-over. Here is one more before and after for your viewing pleasure!

All for now...until next time!


Friday, March 9, 2012

Things have been a bit crazy lately...

Well...looks like it has actually been over 1 month since my last post!...Oops! Time flies when you're busy. I've got several posts to write and update on my latest projects. These are toward the top of my "New" To-Do List. Last week I finished up another recliner chair re-do for a new friend....details and pictures to come. We also finished and hung our floating shelves for the new office area. Yea!! 
For the next few weeks, I'm going to be working more at my day job, leaving less time to work on my "fun" projects around the house...but that's ok...the day job pays quite a bit better : )

Here's a sneak peak at the "New" To-Do List.

  1. update blog posts
  2. continue work on home office decor
  3. figure out a new home/hiding for the dogs' house...its ugly and out in the open now!
  4. make bedding set for the guest bedroom
  5. re-upholster my own chairs....I have 4 of my own waiting in the cue!!
  6. start my own flower garden outside!!
  7. refinish new dresser
  8. refinish new side table
  9. repaint old white side tables that have "yellowed" from the coat of polycrylic...and don't add polycrylic on top of white paint...lesson learned.
  10. refinish and upholster the thrift store piano bench for the entry way 
  11. repaint my bedroom & bathroom
  12. organize my closets!!
  13. paint the extra bathroom and vanity
Wow...that's quite the list, and this is in addition to life!(I decided to stop writing because it's getting too long...: p ) I think this will actually keep  me busy for the rest of the year, but I'm sure that I'll find plenty of other projects to distract my attention for 2012. 

I need to get busy! : )

Enjoy the pic of Mr. Ozzie enjoying an afternoon basking in the sun....

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Loves Me Like A Rock-ing Chair

This is my absolute favorite project yet!! As you know, I love knowing a chair's history and seeing it get a second chance at life, instead of being tossed out to the curb.


I chose this post title 1. because I liked the way it sounded, and 2. because the story reminds me of Paul Simon's song "Loves Me Like A Rock". Above is a link to a youtube video for your listening pleasure.

This retro rocker originally belonged to my friend Brandi's great-grandmother. Brandi remembers her great-grandma rocking in this chair. She even found a picture.
Great-grandma, the original owner of this recliner.
My eyes spy cool drapes and awesome lamp shape! A mid century MUST! 

At some point in time, the retro rocker moved to Brooklyn with another family member. She knew she was a keeper and her family really wanted to recover her. Her family bought her a flowery dress, but never had time to finish the rest. After a few years of neglect, retro rocker was adopted by Brandi, a soon to be mama, to be used in her new baby boys nursery. I was assigned to bring Ms. Retro into the 21st century. And lucky for me, she was a willing participant!

Deconstruction of Ms. Retro was quite different than the my past chairs. Figuring out how to disassemble her parts was the most challenging part! Her back attaches with 2 levers (1 on each side).  You can find the release levers on her sides between her back and her frame (she came with instructions! See below).

These levers were really stuck in place, and needed
a good WD-40 treatment!!

Once I removed her back, I first prayed that I would be able to reattach it when I was done (it's hard to rock back and forth with out your back!) I was able to remove her coverings. I must say "coverings" in the plural form because there were 2 layers of + flowers= double staple/tack removal! : ) Here are some more before pictures before her makeover.

The moving mechanisms all needed a good cleaning and
treatment with WD-40 to reduce the squeakiness.

Original materials removed. A small bit of orange had to stay because
I was not able to remove the wooden arms...they are glued down tight with wood glue,
and I did not want to risk breaking them! 

Brandi chose to have Ms. Retro recovered in a durable cotton-duck fabric, in gray. 

Welting attached to the unmovable wood arms, covering the old orange remnants.

Suddenly Chic!!

                                                               Showing off them legs!

looks so funny as a base alone...reminds me of the Headless Horseman!

The back of her consisted of two attached cushions...this was also a first for me!...They turned out great!!

Attached cushions prior to stuffing.

Attached cushions stuffed with new foam core cushions
and Dacron wrapping.
Retro Rocker got all new digs: custom cut foam cushions for her seat and back, new Dacron wrapping all over, and a full covering of Force Field Fabric Protector (an invisible barrier to repel water, spills, and stains)...uber important while rocking around those kiddos!! 

Here's another look at her before and afters:


Thanks Brandi and family! I hope you enjoy rocking for years to come!!

Until next time,